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"All is not BenNot Lost" by OK No

By Christa Reed

A few years ago, NPR’s The Tiny Desk moved from their old headquarters to a new facility. They wanted to go out with a bang and arrive at their new space in style. They got help from the catchy pop band OK Go, whose unforgettable...

Cameron Smith Featured on Voyage Chicago

Voyage Chicago wrote an article about how Cameron Smith, co-founder and CEO of Bennett Day School, launched Bennett Day School. Click here to view the full article and to read the story behind Bennett Day School’s success.

What is Singapore Math?


When a student struggles in math class, it’s easy for parents to assume math is just not the child’s strong suit. This may not be the case. Instead, it could be the traditional way students are taught math in this country doesn’t align with...

Bennett Day School - Upper School Receives HTHGSE New School Creation Fellowship


As the opening of the Upper School at Bennett Day School nears, our tailored curriculum has received yet another boost: acceptance into the High Tech High Graduate School of Education (HTHGSE) Creation Fellowship! This exciting opportunity...

Essential Book List: Science and Adventure

These books are not for the faint of heart! Your little explorer will love reading about all of the fantastic (and sometimes creepy!) creatures that lurk in our world. Filled with intricate illustrations and expert commentary, each of these...

Lead Designer and Director of Upper School Martin Moran on TEDx Talks, Discusses Creativity in High School

Lead Designer and Director of Upper School at Bennett Day School, Martin Moran, recently spoke at a TEDx event about how to create a high school where adolescents can be creative and motivated. Check out the video below to hear more.

Bennett Day School Expands to Upper School to Meet Growing Demand, Hires Martin Moran to Lead