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Essential Book List: Art



The imagination of a child is a wonderful thing, making masterpieces out of leaves found during an afternoon walk. Help encourage this love of expression with a few of these stories recommended by Bennett Day School teachers.

“Ben Draws Trouble”

By Matt Davies

A young boy draws everything he sees, but his favorite subjects are the people around them. One day, he loses his sketchbook and begins to worry what everyone will think if it ends up in the wrong hands! Keep reading as a plot twist turns this loss into a huge gain for the talented young artist.

“What Color is Your World”

By Bob Gill

This classic book stands the test of time with today’s children. It inspires the reader to look and think about the colors of the world around them as they pertain to their day-to-day life. What color is the world to them? Why? The conversation potentials are endless.

“William & The Missing Masterpiece”

By Helen Hancocks

Who stole the art piece known as the Mona Cheesa from the Parisian Gallery? This mystery will have kids itching to know more. Step into the book and become a secret detective as you follow along with the plot. This book is a joy for intellectual minds that love putting together clues.

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