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Essential Book List: Science and Adventure

IMG_2428.jpgThese books are not for the faint of heart! Your little explorer will love reading about all of the fantastic (and sometimes creepy!) creatures that lurk in our world. Filled with intricate illustrations and expert commentary, each of these recommendations are sure to inspire your budding scientist’s imagination.

The Bat Scientists
By Mary Kay Carson

Bats are not the scary creatures at all. In fact, this flying mammals can be found all over the world but are often the least studied. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the mysterious bat from Dr. Merlin Tuttle and his colleagues at Bat Conservation International.

Scholastic Discover More: Reptiles
By Penelope Arlon

From giant crocodiles to snapping turtles, this book covers just about any reptile a pint-sized explorer could want to know. In addition to hundreds of fascinating photos, the book features an interview with a snake expert and even reptile hunting techniques.

Jungle Survival Handbook
By Jen Green

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself lost in one of the thickest rainforests on earth? This “handbook” teaches the reader about the hot, steamy conditions of the jungles, as well as how to overcome the challenges an explorer might face in this climate.

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