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Springtime Robotics and Green-Screen Event at Bennett Day School


"These are exciting times in the field of early childhood education. Creative teachers are discovering effective ways to offer children a healthy blend of sensory-rich tactile investigations, artistic creativity, meaningful collaborations, and high-tech tools geared toward problem solving and documenting a child’s work/play. The advent of touch-screen interactions allows screen time to be both engaging and investigatory; and, happily, the current “Maker Movement” helps us advocate for classroom activities that include real-world construction, building, and innovation. The older debate of “tech vs. no tech” in teaching seems to be losing to a discussion of how to best provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences that lead to lifelong learning and growth. Fantastic!..."
*Read and learn more on the Fred Rogers Blog post by Frances Judd

Bennett Day School held a tech inspired springtime event, hosted by first grade teacher and tech enthusiast Frances Judd, on Saturday, May 7th.  Students between the ages of three and seven years old enjoyed project based learning and exploring with BeeBots Robots, Hexbug nanos, and a Green-Screen in a First Grade Classroom.   At two of the tables, the children created imaginative environments with natural wood, legos, and other found materials before programming the BeeBots to navigate through the mazes and obstacles they created for them.  At the other tables, the children created narrow mazes for the Hexbug nanos to vibrate and move their way through, while others noticed that if they created a narrow tower the Hexbug nanos would actually climb up using the vibrations generated by the Hexbug nanos.  It is truly inspiring to see what even the youngest of learners are capable of when we give them the tools and space to learn and be successful.