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Kids Co-designing for Kids: 7 Hands-On Explorations with Osmo Kaleidoscope

PreK-4th grade children at Bennett Day School worked together to design a new app for Osmo explorations. Co-designed with their Tinkering and Engineering Sciences (TES) Lab teacher, this collaboration resulted in the creation of Osmo Kaleidoscope...

Student Innovation Through Bennett Labs: Creating Apps, Books, and 21st Century Learning at Bennett Day School


By Frances Judd, Special Projects Coordinator & Early Childhood Tinkering and Engineering Sciences Lab Teacher

I love sharing these photos of enthusiastic and engaged learners at Bennett Day School as they participate in Bennett Labs projects:

Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Toys & Games to Bring Joy to Kids’ Thinking about Fruits & Veggies

It was school lunchtime when an idea was sparked for our Picnic Party game. It would become the newest card game in the playful line of Story Dealer storytelling games for kids, joining our STEM/STEAM game, and the blank deck of 5Ws DIY...