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Mentors Make All the Difference: A Reflection on Student-Teacher Relationships at High Tech High & Bennett Day Upper School

Bennett Day School is the only school in Illinois to receive the New School Creation Fellowship from High Tech High, the progressive, project-based school featured in the documentary "Most Likely to Succeed."

Recently, representatives from ...

Tips for Choosing a Best-Fit Summer Camp

Studies show that camps of all kinds help kids build a solid sense of identity and community, while also contributing to mental and physical well-being. But with so many options out there, how can families make the best choice possible for their...

Decision Time: Our Top 3 Tips for Choosing a Best-Fit School

No parent takes school-fit decisions lightly, and Chicago families are reporting more and more that the dizzying array of PK-12 options in the city can feel stressful.

Block Club Chicago Previews Upper School at Bennett Day School

Block Club Chicago featured the forthcoming Upper School in an article that examines the progressive curriculum at Bennett Day School.

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Are you interested in learning more about how your child can receive a...

Bennett Day School Expansion Reaches New Heights

The east wing addition of Bennett Day School is rising fast! Once the concrete foundation work was completed and the steel arrived, the ironworkers quickly assembled the steel beams into place. Due to the tight constraints of the space, the...

Cameron Smith Discusses Entrepreneurship with Bootstrapping in America

Cameron Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of Bennett Day School, sat down with the hosts of Bootstrapping in America to discuss his background and the journey to founding Bennett Day School.

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Bennett Day School’s Lead Designer of Upper School, Martin Moran, Featured in eSchool News!

Our Lead Designer of Upper School at Bennett Day School, Martin Moran, penned an article in eSchool News outlining our school’s expertise with competency-based learning. Click here to read the full story.

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"All is not BenNot Lost" by OK No

By Christa Reed

A few years ago, NPR’s The Tiny Desk moved from their old headquarters to a new facility. They wanted to go out with a bang and arrive at their new space in style. They got help from the catchy pop band OK Go, whose unforgettable...

What is Purposeful Screen Time?

Screen time has become a hot-button issue among educators and parents. Teachers and guardians are struggling to find a way to teach kids to use technology without creating zombies who only play video games. Screens have become a staple in...

Bennett Day School East Expansion Project Underway

The construction team is hard at work on Bennett Day School! Phase two of our expansion is officially above ground now that the north and east lower level foundation walls and piers are placed. As the progression continues, it’s becoming easier...