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Student Innovation Through Bennett Labs: Creating Apps, Books, and 21st Century Learning at Bennett Day School


By Frances Judd, Special Projects Coordinator & Early Childhood Tinkering and Engineering Sciences Lab Teacher

I love sharing these photos of enthusiastic and engaged learners at Bennett Day School as they participate in Bennett Labs projects:

"Gaga for a Gaga Pit!" Guest Blog By Tinkering & Engineering Sciences Teacher, Zak Thompson, on STEM & Design Thinking


Gaga Pit Process 2.0

 How We Made the Gaga Pit


Cameron Smith Featured on Voyage Chicago

Voyage Chicago wrote an article about how Cameron Smith, co-founder and CEO of Bennett Day School, launched Bennett Day School. Click here to view the full article and to read the story behind Bennett Day School’s success.

What is Singapore Math?


When a student struggles in math class, it’s easy for parents to assume math is just not the child’s strong suit. This may not be the case. Instead, it could be the traditional way students are taught math in this country doesn’t align with...

Bennett Day School - Upper School Receives HTHGSE New School Creation Fellowship


As the opening of the Upper School at Bennett Day School nears, our tailored curriculum has received yet another boost: acceptance into the High Tech High Graduate School of Education (HTHGSE) Creation Fellowship! This exciting opportunity...

What is Project-Based Learning?


Project-based learning is a deeper form of learning that offers many educational benefits and is proven to be effective for many students. Children are often ill-prepared for the real-world situations they will face as adults. Implementing...

Essential Book List: Fantastical Creatures



Creatures of fantasy and the unknown are always fascinating to children - and adults! - offering ways to explore new ideas and expand the imagination. It is important to send young readers the message to embrace their own uniqueness and...

Summer Camp Highlight: Field Trip Camp



Summer camp planning is underway, and Bennett Day Camp is filled with choices for just about every camper. In addition to a variety of stay-and-play experiences, we’re offering a unique lineup of off-site adventures in our field trip camp.

How the Chicago Tech Surge is Shaping Education


Many large corporations have been relocating their headquarters to downtown Chicago, bringing with them young or expecting families. According to Martin Moran, lead designer of the Bennett Day School Upper School, the rising surge of these...

Progressive Summer Camp Options for Pre-K through Middle School Kids


Summer camp enrollment deadlines are fast approaching! Bennett Day School will morph into Bennett Day Camp this year, offering a choose-your-own-adventure-style day camp experience at its West Town campus. Each camp promises to reinforce...